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Q: What is online personal training? -

My online personal training and coaching packages offer a convenient and affordable way of reaching your health and fitness goals and will also help you to stay on track. Based on the information you provide me with regarding your lifestyle, ability level, access to equipment and goals, I will design a personalised exercise and nutrition plan for you to follow whether at home or from your gym. All this will be done through an online check-in with me using my Virtual Training System software; a powerful tool, that includes a weekly dialog, review, advice, guidance and support, progress pictures & charts, health calculators, recipe books, and the important accountability that most people need, helping you to stay on track and get the results you want. You just need internet access and your phone, tablet, laptop or pc.

Q: What is the difference between the "Lite" "Express" & "Premium" memberships? AND Which option should i choose? +

Lite, Express & Premium members all get access to nearly identical content with one main exception. Express & Premium members receive weekly personalised advice from me on both exercise and nutrition. Lite members have full access & 12 months membership to the VTS software & all resources, including 100's of healthy tasty recipes, macronutrient & health calculators, a food, training, sleep & alcohol tracker, macros guide, progress charts & graphs, weekly check-in to upload progress pictures, picture gallery plus a weekly weight & measurements record. So basically the only difference is i don't reply to the Lite members weekly check-in and don't provide any on going personalised exercise and nutrition advice. Which option should you choose? If you want me to advise you what to do exactly every week in your online check-in, then go for the Express or Premium membership. If you would like full access to the VTS software & use all the resources, calculators, tracker, graphs, recipes etc and are happy with self progress tracking & weekly check-in only with no weekly guidance from me, and you want to save money then use the Lite membership option. You can always upgrade to either Express or Premium membership which includes my weekly advice. All Lite members also receive a £10 discount voucher they may redeem against the 6 week Express or 12 week Premium memberships during their 12 months membership.

Q: If ever I need to speak to someone can I? +

Yes just send an email to and we will normally get back to you the same day.

Q: I know you only give weekly exercise and nutrition advice with a 6 week Express or 12 weeks Premium membership. Do I need access to a gym in order to participate in these options or can I exercise at home? +

You don’t need access to a gym or equipment. Many of my clients train from home and experience amazing results without any equipment. Depending on your start point, goals and ability level some basic equipment could be useful. For example a pair of adjustable dumbbells, maybe a basic weights bench and an exercise bike or rower.

Q: Can I buy one of the LITE EXPRESS or PREMIUM options as a gift for someone? +

Yes just mention this on the enquiry form.

Q: If I’m going to train at home, what is the minimum equipment required to get results from your program? +

It depends on what your ability level and goals are. If you are out of shape and haven't exercised in a while or are new to exercise, i can give you a program that doesn't require any equipment that will produce fantastic results. Resistance bands or a pair of adjustable dumbells and a simple weight bench that could be purchased from Argos Amazon or eBay is going to help as you progress. An exercise bike, treadmill or rower would also be useful. Some basic dipping bars or a dipping station is also a great piece of equipment. If you do need any equipment, advice will be given on what to get, and where to buy it from, taking into account your budget and space available.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age limit to sign up for your online memberships? +

Providing you have been given the go ahead by your Doctor or health care professional then the minimum age is 18 and there is no upper age limit.

Q: Does everyone get amazing results in the first 12 weeks without fail? +

Very good question. It depends what your definition of “amazing results” is i guess. To some people dropping a dress size or two or being able to wear clothes that no longer fit is an amazing result. Coming off medication for diabetes and blood pressure may be an amazing result for someone else. Someone else a six pack may be an amazing result. To someone else just improving their sleep and stress levels, having more energy and feeling good again is an amazing result to them. You will only get out what you are prepared to put in. With both the 6 weeks Express & 12 weeks Premium options I will give you easy to follow exercise and nutrition advice each week, that is based on your ability level, goals, lifestyle, feedback etc and you just have to follow my advice. Results do vary from individual to individual.

Q: I’ve recently had an operation but want to get started with a weight loss program, could I sign up and start on the nutrition side of things first then phase the exercise in when I feel ready? +

Yes, that would be fine providing consent has been given by your Doctor or specialist. Nutrition plays a massive part in our all round health. A healthy diet can help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, strokes and type 2 diabetes. Good nutrition can also help with mood and energy levels.

Q: I'm a busy mum with 3 children and a husband. I don't want to be messing about cooking different complicated meals for myself and my family if i sign up. Can we all eat the same food? +

Yes. You can all eat the same food. No problem. Any vegan or vegetarians in the family will also be catered for.

Q: Do I have to eat and/or workout at scheduled times each day or is your program flexible? +

It's important you exercise and eat when it works best for you. Personally i think exercise is best carried out first thing in the morning if possible; it’s done for the day then, and can really lift your mood and set you up for the rest of the day. It's easy to skip the gym at the end of a long hard day at work. But anytime is fine during the day. For most people it’s probably best not done just before going to bed.

Q: I'm going for the Express membership or Premium membership. I work shifts and weekends too. Is your exercise program effective enough to still deliver results if I have to skip days due to shift changes? +

Yes most people I work with have to work shifts. This is factored into your program, you just let me know what shifts you work each week in your online check-in.

Q: I'm going to choose either the Express or Premium membership. How long would each workout normally last and how many days per week would I need to be training? +

That would depend on your ability level, goals and time available. On average 20 to 60 minutes a workout 3 to 6 times each week.

Q: How long have you been doing this and how many transformations have you done? +

I have over 40 years total experience and have been training people for over 20 years. I have seriously lost count now of all the transformations. I have helped thousands of people over this time, most of them have transformed in some way for the better either physically or mentally. Unfortunately most people i help don't want me to use their transformation pictures, due to their job or are just embarrassed about how they looked before starting with me and i respect their wishes, which is one of the reasons people come to me as they know their identity won't be revealed if they don't want it to be.

Q: Will I have to take any health supplements such as vitamins, protein powders etc.? +

It is difficult to hit 100% of the recommended daily allowance of every vitamin and mineral your body requires through food alone so as an insurance policy yes it may be wise to take a good quality multivitamin every day. Another supplement I sometimes suggest is a good quality protein powder. Other supplements such as creatine, will be covered in your personalised program - if you choose the Express or Premium membership options.

Q: I am on a low, fixed income, I’d like to sign up but I need to budget for food so how much would following your normal nutrition program cost roughly in food ? +

Your food bill shouldn’t change that much, especially if you factor in money being saved on perhaps convenience foods like takeaways, and ready meals that tend to have lower nutritional values and can be more expensive than food you prepare yourself. If you consume alcohol most nights of the week, then you'll possibly also see savings from a reduction in alcohol. Alcohol doesn't have to be cut out altogether. Feedback from clients is that they find the hundreds of healthy tasty recipes that include Indian, Chinese, Italian as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes remove the need for takeaways etc I suppose "If nothing changes...nothing changes" It's really important we address what you eat and drink if you want to optimise your results.

Q: Will my pictures be used on your website? +

Although that is entirely your own decision, please remember that seeing the transformations of my clients on my website probably prompted you to make positive changes to your health and lifestyle. So it could be your pictures that inspire others to make the same positive changes! But If you don't want your pictures to be used that's fine. Just say.

Q: What if family and friends ask me to share my information with them? +

The information is personalised to you, and if you are a Express or Premium member the adjustments are made each week depending on how YOUR body is responding, not theirs. I had a client with no medical issues that chose to share his cutting program with his training partner who hadn’t disclosed to him that he had diabetes. My clients training buddy in his quest for a six pack went hypoglycemic, fortunately his girlfriend intervened. Both nutrition and exercise is a personal matter and what suits one person, does not necessarily suit someone else. You will be asked not share your information with others because of this.

Q: What should I wear for my “before” photographs, and my weekly “check-in” photographs? +

Please wear something like a bikini or sports bra and shorts if you are a woman and just shorts if you are a man. If you are completely covered up it will be difficult to assess you each week. Weekly photos can be a great way to see the changes taking place. All your weekly check-in photos you can see side by side in your photo gallery. Also stand naturally in a well lit position in the exact same spot with your arms by your side and feet hip width apart.

Q: For the 6 weeks "Express" or 12 weeks "Premium" options once I have sent in the application form, how long does it take before I can start? +

I will normally reply to application forms or contact forms within 2 working days. Then once I have received your payment I will confirm and arrange your start date with you, which will also be your weekly online check in date. Think of this like your weekly online appointment with me. If you want to start straight away just let me know on the application or contact form. When choosing the 12 months "Lite" option this entitles you to a £10 discount voucher off either the 6 weeks "Express" option or the the 12 weeks "Premium" option price should you wish to switch anytime during the 12 months Lite membership..

Q: I'm thinking of taking out the "Lite" option initially. I know Mike doesn't advise me on-line each week like if i did the 6 weeks "Express" or 12 weeks "Premium" options. What if I don’t know what I’m doing? +

The system is very user friendly and extremely simple to use. You just follow the step by step instructions after payment has been made and you have instant access to the system, so you can start straight away. You can also upgrade anytime to "Express" or "Premium" options you just check the countdown timer for the start dates. As a "Lite" member you will receive a £10 discount off the price of the "Premium" 12 weeks option. For the "Express" and "Premium" options, after payment has been made a few days before the enrolment starts i send you your unique password. Step by step directions are again provided for you to follow after you've entered your password. Then in your weekly check-in (think of this like your weekly on-line appointment) i tell you what to do each week regarding exercise and nutrition and you can ask me any questions that you may have. If choosing the "Lite" option, you still check-in each week and upload your weekly photograph, weight and measurements to self track your own progress. But i won't reply like i would the other 2 options "Express" or "Premium"

Q: I want to change as quickly as possible. Is it ok to eat less and train more than what you recommend? +

Not really. Everything I ask you to do is carefully worked out, so you only lose body fat and avoid muscle loss. This is a common mistake, where some people reduce calories too low and spend hours doing cardiovascular exercise maybe losing lots of weight in a short space of time (fat + muscle + water) initially and then pile it all back on eventually. After any initial losses during the first week or so, the maximum that i'd like most people to lose is between 1-2 lbs a week. Slow consistent progress is key :)

Q: I have tried all the diets in the world! The money I have spent on gym membership over the years would buy me a pretty thorough liposuction. Why is your program any different from all the other ones available online and how do you deliver results others can’t? +

Most of my clients come to me in exactly the same position as yourself (some after having liposuction both men and women). I am fortunate that i can draw upon over 40 years of experience. My education started when I was 13 years old, my father was an old school bodybuilder who passed his knowledge on to me. I've taken that knowledge and combined it with various training courses and over 20 years hands on experience gained from actually training and working with people from all walks of life both face to face, in gyms and online. I address key factors like your sleep, stress levels, lifestyle and of course nutrition and exercise. So i guess the short answer would be i can deliver the results through knowledge and experience gained from my time in the industry and from the number of people that iv'e actually worked with and helped over that time. The transformations you see are only a very small percentage of the people iv'e helped due to most people wishing to remain anonymous. I'd suggest you choose either the Express or Premium membership so i can guide you every week.

Q: I am looking to start your program but I have diabetes and struggle to lose weight, plus I have to eat a restricted diet as it is, so is it worth me signing up with you? Do you have any experience of working with people with diabetes? +

Yes. I have helped many people in the same position, please take a look in transformations. I have attended NHS training courses on nutrition for diabetics. You are probably aware of the glycemic index and generally I use a variety of low GI carbohydrates combined with good quality protein sources, and fats with vegetables, salad and some fruit. You will be provided with a personalised nutrition and training program with lots of suitable, tasty healthy meal ideas. Just let me know of any medical conditions on the application form. Please note i suggest to always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutrition or exercise program.

Q: Do you offer refunds and what is your cancellation policy? +

I'm sure you can appreciate, there are always going to be some people who enter into things lightly and don’t fully commit to a course of action and they may try to look for an easy way out. As per our T&Cs agreement regarding refunds: Credits are applicable only toward future fees for use of the Service and are not convertible into cash. If a client is ill, and wishes to place their program on hold that's not a problem.

Q: Can I pause the program if i go away like on holidays? Or if i'm injured or ill? +

The 12 months "Lite" option can't be paused. "Express" or "Premium" options can be paused, depending on the reason. Most people do go on holiday or go away somewhere, say for work for example or on a stag or hen do etc. If during a 6 week "Express" or 12 week "Premium" enrolment you just let me know and i'll provide you with advice on what to do while away and you can still continue to check-in weekly if you wish, providing you have an internet connection. Most people do this and continue to make progress. If you are ill or injured you still have access to resources and the nutrition information i have provided you with can still be used. If you are an "Express" or "Premium" client depending on the illness or injury your exercise advice could possibly be modified and i will be there to still support and advise you on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices if you are unable to exercise every week.

Q: I want to subscribe to one of your for online memberships with my partner. Is there a discount for two subscriptions or an option to have a joint subscription? +

Ask on the contact or application form. I run promotions throughout the year.

Q: Could you just give me nutrition advice? I know i have to make some changes so i don’t mind changing the way I eat, but I really don’t like gyms and exercise. +

I understand your dislike of gyms, that’s the reason a lot of my clients train from home. You will see some really good results from following a program based only on nutrition, but you will see even better results when combined with exercise (which would be pitched at your ability level). Exercise will also have a massive positive effect on your mood as well as health, even just a brisk 20-30 minute walk each day would be a great start :) EXPRESS and PREMIUM options both include a weekly dialog with me, you give me feedback, and ask questions, I then review everything, give you exercise and nutrition advice, guidance and support to take you through to the next weeks check-in. You just follow my advice. The 12 months LITE option is self progress-tracking only. You still upload your pictures, results and stats each week and access all the systems resources, there's just no weekly dialog with me. You could try this first, then upgrade to the Express or Premium membership. All 3 options include a weekly check-in, progress pictures library & result charts, health calculators, recipe books, plus helpful informative ebooks to help educate and guide you as well as the important accountability that most people need, helping you to stay on track and reach your goals.

Q: I happily go to the gym every day and train hard but I struggle to stick to a diet, could you just do me a training plan instead of a combined nutrition and training plan? +

Most people can’t out train a poor diet, so I address both exercise and nutrition for you so you get the best results. The word diet can suggest restrictions, but the majority of my clients are surprised at how easy the nutrition side is and also what they get to eat and how much they eat. My personalised exercise and nutrition plans that I provide when you select either the 6 week "Express" or 12 week "Premium" options will work the best for you where we can work together to find a nutrition plan to follow that "fits" and that you enjoy instead of the previous diets you tried that failed.

Q: Can i start straight away? Is there a waiting list or a limit regarding the number of people for the 6 weeks Express and 12 weeks Premium online programs ? +

If you want to start immediately just let me know on the application form or the contact form and if you have an occasion like a holiday or wedding coming up.

Q: I am even bigger than anyone I see featured on your site. Can you help me? +

Yes, i'll give you the directions, motivation, and support each week, you just have to follow my advice. A lot of my clients are over 25 stones in weight and some clients over 30 stones in weight. Most of them do not wish to have their pictures posted on the internet. If you click the transformation tab you will see a few clients that were morbidly obese generally speaking with a BMI over 35-40, who have experienced life changing can you!

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"I offer the convenience of an online nutrition and exercise program that can be done from a gym or the comfort of your home, tailored to your specific goals, equipment and ability level. All this will be done through an online check-in with me using my Virtual Training System software; a powerful tool, that includes a weekly dialog, review, advice, guidance and support, progress pictures & charts, health calculators, recipe books, and the important accountability that most people need, helping you to stay on track and reach your goals."