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Take your personal training business online
with ONLINE PERSONAL Training software

Using online personal training software turn your fitness passion into a successful second or main income. Online personal training and coaching allows you to offer your clients a convenient and affordable way of achieving their health and fitness goals.

The Virtual Training System will allow you to work when you want to, no more waiting between appointments at the gym or for no-show face-to-face appointments. You can work from where you want to, anywhere where you have internet access, you can even earn a good living whilst travelling, from a coffee shop, or from trendy coworking spaces, from a beach or home. No gym is required.

Enjoy positive cash flow from being paid in advance for your next 1-12 month online program. No more debtors, no more wasted slots from face-to-face no-shows, zero hassle with payments. With the VTS you collect the revenue for the next cycle before the program starts. Just send a link to each client, and they upload all their details into the platform for you ready for them to start.

  • Proven online System
  • Unlimited worldwide Clients
  • Flexible Management
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • 1-12 Month Cycles

For those already training clients remotely, escape the hassle of missing emails, images that don't download, sporadic check-ins and forgetting what's been previously said via email etc. Instead, run everything from a dedicated and secure platform that's been tried and tested, built by a personal trainer with decades of experience. Weekly photos, measurements, results and advice stored in both a trainer & client library to refer back to.


The VTS will allow you to spend your time laser focusing on your client's progress to help deliver amazing results which will attract new clients, and remember those new clients can be from literally anywhere. People have used the VTS from the Antarctic to Australia, America to China, Africa to Asia so your potential client base is worldwide thanks to the VTS, you are no longer limited to only helping clients within travelling distance.

  • Big Time Savings
  • Simple Client Management
  • Easy Progress Tracking
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Zero No-Shows
  • Help More Clients

Maximise your working time, and leisure time. Whether you are a night owl or stop work at 5:00 p.m. sharp, the VTS is designed to process check-ins efficiently and smoothly.

You see everything you need to advise your clients and keep them on track, from progress charts, daily food, training and sleep diary, weight and measurements, a gallery of updated progress photographs, feedback from each client, how they are feeling, questions and concerns, you get exactly what you need to give focused and informed feedback quickly, and advise each client for the next week.

This helps save a lot of time and in many cases the client's results not only match those of face-to-face training, they exceed them through client compliance and accountability.


The above is an overview of what the Virtual Training System I've built can do for you.

Thanks for reading this far. My name is Mike Calpin, and using the personal training industry experience I have gained over the last 30 plus years, I have developed an online system that I use to train my own clients, spread all around the world which is why I know it works. I have trained hundreds of people successfully using this Virtual Training System. Take a look at the transformations on my own personal training website to see just how well this works.

Everything is provided for you to start selling your own online personal training services straight away, just send a link to each client and they upload all their details into the platform for you.

Personal trainer, Gym owner or coach - the VTS is for you

Manage all your clients, their questions and your answers on nutrition and workouts all in one place. It's easy to add new clients, deliver your own personalised workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of communication. Plus there's client resources to upload recipe books and other educational material. From one screen you can quickly find each client and see what they are doing and where they are in your program, so you always know each client is progressing.

The Virtual Training System is customised with your own logo and colours. We offer a selection of custom colour schemes, making it easy to incorporate your own branding.

Are you paying £££'s every month for hosting your own website? Hosting is also included.


Mobile optimised, highly secure client site.

Clients can log their training and diet fast via desktop or mobile phone. You can review and feedback promptly to each client.

Simple, fast and profitable for you, effective delivery of awesome results for your clients.


Developed By A Trainer

I've over 30 years of experience helping clients both face to face, and via the Virtual Training System i developed that I now offer you


Secured Platform

Our hosting platform is penetration tested, secured against DDOS attacks, located at a secure facility with its own power so it's reliable and secure


Location Independent

You can be located anywhere with an internet connection and so can your clients, you can literally earn a living from the beach from worldwide clients


Awesomely Fast Hosting

Our hosting is blistering fast, with 24x7x365 monitoring for 100% uptime. Our servers are located in a "Green Data Centre" with a minimal carbon footprint.


Email Marketing

You can contact all past, current or prospective clients with targeted emails, with news, offers or reminders of when the next online exercise & nutrition program starts.


Maximise Earnings

The VTS platform is designed for fast and simple sign ups. It includes billing, accounts as well as weekly check-in management. Deliver awesome results with less hassle in less time.


Integrated Bookkeeping

Simple accounts system that makes doing year end accounts painless. Keep track of payments outstanding and received, and see exactly how much each cycle has totalled. Including Auto lock of clients from starting who have not paid for their cycle. Clear and precise accounts at a glance. Focus your energy on your clients, not your software.


Affordable Investment

The package includes full use of the Virtual Training System, but fully branded to your business identity. Unlimited clients. Hosting of both the VTS and your own website too if you wish, as well as any future security and VTS updates. All this for just an annual payment of £349 GBP* (*Split payment option available) Plus an initial £49 one time set up fee that includes full custom branding, training on the system and user manual.

Take your personal training business to the next level, find out more today.

Client Management

Simply manage all your clients, their questions and your answers on nutrition and workouts all in one place. Hosting is also included.

Custom Theming

Customise your system with your own logo and colours. We offer a selection of custom colour schemes, making it easy to incorporate your own branding so the software looks like your own.

Progress Tracking

Easy to track nutrition and exercise history, using graphs, stats and photo library so you and your clients can log results and visualise progress towards specific goals over time.

Amazing Results

Deliver great customer service and amazing transformations via the VTS platform for happy clients, which in turn generates more clients.

If you want a proven online system with all the tools to help more clients doing the work you love, email me to find out more.

These are the results you too can achieve with my advice

Your starting point does not matter with my straight forwards proven approach i'll help you achieve remarkable results.

You can find some of the people I have helped below, all of these people can be traced to real people via Facebook.

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Before image
After image
Before and after image
Before and after image
Before and after image
Before and after image

See what you could achieve...

You're never going to be 100% ready, and it's never going to be just the right time, but that's the point. It also means that every moment is also the right moment. If you want it, you just have to do it.

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"I offer the convenience of an online nutrition and exercise program that can be done from a gym or the comfort of your home, tailored to your specific goals, equipment and ability level. All this will be done through an online check-in with me using my Virtual Training System software; a powerful tool, that includes a weekly dialog, review, advice, guidance and support, progress pictures & charts, health calculators, recipe books, and the important accountability that most people need, helping you to stay on track and reach your goals."